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Woman of the Word Study Guide

Woman of the Word-A Memorizing Scripture Experience

In a culture of handheld devices and Internet access, the need to memorize may seem like an outdated activity. Those who have made it a regular discipline, however, have discovered a power and inspiration unlike any other.

Woman of the Word is a step-by-step process to corporately memorize Psalm 8 in four weeks, a ‘body of Christ’ exercise. Participants will be pleasantly surprised to discover that what might have been difficult on their own is a joy when they join others on the journey of ‘hiding God’s Word in their hearts’.

Included in Woman of the Word are inspiring personal stories of God’s presence and power revealed as the living and active Word is recited.

Woman of the Word is book two in the WOW series, which also includes:

• Woman of Worth
• Woman of Wisdom
• Woman of Worship


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Price: $15.00


Woman of Worth Study Guide

Lifelong Encouragement From Psalm 139

In this four-lesson study guide Woman of Worth, Ruth
challenges her audience to discover and apply the
Biblical principles of Psalm 139 as she openly shares
the joys and challenges of her own spiritual journey.

Woman of Worth is book one in the WOW series, which also includes:

• Woman of the Word
• Woman of Wisdom
• Woman of Worship

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Price: $8.00


Purchase the Paperback:

Price: $15.00

Beautifully scripted and profound in its simplicity, WOW draws our eyes upward, off ourselves and on to God’s greatness.” ~ Dr.Libby Skidmore

Woman of Worth DVD

DVD pic

Inspiring and motivating women to live in their godly potential. Designed to    accompany the Woman of Worth Study guide, each of the four sessions has  a 45  minute live  presentation to emphasize the concepts taught in Psalm 139.

* God Knows Me

* God is With Me

* God Created Me

* God Defends me

With personal illustrations and group participation, this DVD can be utilized either as  stand alone messages on Psalm 139 or to accompany the study guide. Perfect for  leaders or individual spiritual growth.

Price: $35.00

About the author

Ruth Coghill is a vibrant communicator, international speaker, author and radio show host, who challenges her audience to reach their godly potential.


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