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Trailer for Woman of Worth Bible Study


Carol Kent interviews Ruth Coghill on her ministry and recent Woman of Worth Bible study


Dr. Brad Burke attributes his early success as an author to his practice of memorizing scripture. I interviewed him at Waterloo Inn. What a joy to hear how his parents instilled in him this ancient discipline.

About the author

Ruth Coghill is a vibrant communicator, international speaker, author and radio show host, who challenges her audience to reach their godly potential.


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  • Ruth Coghill Says: Hi Kristen, I apologize for taking this long to respond to you as I've been crawling out of the rut! It's been a deep one but a tremendous time of learning more the important rather than the urgent! I'm wondering how you are coming on this journey of costing something to 'walk slow' Saying a prayer for you right now! Joyfully Serving the King Ruth on Out of the Rut

  • WordsToInspire Says: You are so right, Shirley Hohl. God delights in His own. What a privilege we have to serve the King of Kings! on Maritime Legacy Tour- Huge Success

  • Shirley Hohl Says: To God be the glory. When we are in obedient to GOD'S plan for our lives there is no limit to what God can and will do. Because He Lives Be Blessed on Maritime Legacy Tour- Huge Success

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