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How exciting to be part of developing a Canadian produced, Biblically-based radio show.

Since September 2010, I am privileged to host my own show, Words To Inspire.

Starting out of Kitchener, Ontario 94.3 FaithFM,  the half hour show expanded in October 2012, airing on a second station, The Grand929, Centre Wellington.

The expansion continues.

September 2013, the Harvest Media Network in the Maritimes added  Words To Inspire to their Sunday broadcast. Listen at 12:30.

Harvesters Media Group
Click Here to Listen live to CJLU Halifax and the Annapolis Valley, NS
Click here to Listen to CITA  Moncton, Sussex, NB and Amherst, NS
Click Here to Listen to CIOG  Ch’Town, Summerside, PEI


Our radio show exists to empower others through Biblical teaching, guest professionals providing practical suggestions for dealing with physical and mental daily stress and transformational testimonies from people who have experienced God’s grace in unlikely circumstances.

…Expanding Words To Inspire radio across our nation of Canada. 

Regular Guests

You don’t have to wait for any longer for Christian professionals. Dr. Dan, Ob/Gyn and Dr Grant, Mental Health Physician have great online resources. Check out their websites.

Dr. Dan Reilly
Dr. Grant Mullen

About the author

Ruth Coghill is a vibrant communicator, international speaker, author and radio show host, who challenges her audience to reach their godly potential.


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  • WordsToInspire Says: Hi Teresa, Great to hear your comment. Thanks for putting yourself in this blog and applying the truth to your own situation, whatever it is right now. BTW- nice to chat with your hubby and son on Oct 1 at Royal City. on Why Don’t I Ask?

  • Teresa Hatch Says: I am dull. I don't shine much anymore. Not much holding me together now. Like your ring. I AM TREASURED. I can be re repolished and repaired and REJOICE IN GOD. Thank you for your words Ruth to remind me. ME the treasure is still here and I will shibe bright again on Why Don’t I Ask?

  • Ruth Coghill Says: Hi Kristen, I apologize for taking this long to respond to you as I've been crawling out of the rut! It's been a deep one but a tremendous time of learning more the important rather than the urgent! I'm wondering how you are coming on this journey of costing something to 'walk slow' Saying a prayer for you right now! Joyfully Serving the King Ruth on Out of the Rut

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