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About the author

Ruth Coghill is a vibrant communicator, international speaker, author and radio show host, who challenges her audience to reach their godly potential.


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Recent Comments

  • WordsToInspire Says: Dear Heidi, Isn't it wonderful to know that we are not alone in our thoughts about our abilities? It's common to all of us. You've encouraged me by responding. Blessings & love on A Staff or a Needle

  • Heidi McLaughlin Says: What great words of encouragement and inspiration. You're so right, I also compare myself to people who are so seamlessly talented and life goes so much easier for them. But I know there is so much fulfillment when we do what God calls us to do, uniquely for you and me. Thank you for the beautiful way you described this today. What a reminder and blessing. on A Staff or a Needle

  • WordsToInspire Says: Hi Diana, Thank you for letting me know. Timely words for me too as we've moved into an older home that needs so much still to be done. Oh how we need each other. Blessings and love, R on A Staff or a Needle

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